Farm Machinery Questions And Answers in English – Set 1

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1.  Mechanization possibility is strongly influenced by –

(A)  Farm size                                                                        (B)  Cost of farm power

(C)  Availability of suitable machines                              (D)  All of the above

2.  The application of engineering and technology in agricultural operations to do a better way to improve productivity –

(A)  Custom hiring                                                               (B)  Farm mechanization

(C)  Farm machinery                                                           (D)  All of the above

3.  When ploughing one hectare of land once by bullocks having 15 cm. furrow width, has to walk about (km) –

(A)  55                                                                                     (B)  65

(C)  66                                                                                     (D)  67

4.  The field capacity (ha/day) of traditional implements is about –

(A)  0.3-0.4                                                                            (B)  0.4-0.5

(C)  0.5-0.6                                                                            (D)  0.6-0.7

5.  Farmers depends upon the animal drawn implements (%) about –

(A)  70                                                                                     (B)  80

(C)  90                                                                                     (D)  60

6.  Energy efficient equipments are:

(A)  Rotovator                                                                       (B)  Disc harrow

(C)  Cultivator                                                                       (D)  All of the above

7.  Tractor drawn rotovator is energy efficient equipments; it saves time (%) –

(A)  32-35                                                                               (B)  35-40

(C)  40-45                                                                               (D)  45-50

8.  Selection and use of farm machinery mainly depends upon:

(A)  Power source                                                                 (B)  Land holding

(C)  Soil type                                                                          (D)  All of the above

9.  Most of the farmers use threshers, which are operated by –

(A)  0-5 hp                                                                              (B)  5-12 hp

(C)  12-15hp                                                                            (D)  More than 15 hp

10.  Harvesting and threshing consumes, the total energy (%) for farming about –

(A)  5-10                                                                                  (B)  10-35

(C)  35-40                                                                               (D)  40-45



Answers :- 

1.  [D]      2.  [B]     3.  [C]      4.  [A]       5.  [B]      6.  [D]       7.  [A]    8.  [B]      9.  [B]     10.  [B]


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